'Ancient Mariner'

They say that wisdom comes with age and with 150,000,00 million years of evolutionary time behind him, the male Loggerhead turtle definitely has a handle on the good life. Living to over a hundred years old, he is free to roam throughout his kingdom of the sea carrying his home on his back and should he be bothered by anything, he can safely tuck inside his protective shell. He dines mainly on crab, prawns and small fish and when it comes to procreation, his only role is to oblige as many females as he can several times a day as a donor for their primeval calling. 


Like so many other ancient species that have survived the ice ages and other natural disasters, the Loggerhead is now considered endangered because of man's predation. Although all sea turtles are protected on the Great Barrier Reef, because they are migratory animals that cross international boundaries, global cooperation and awareness are necessary to ensure their livelihood. This is a challenging task, for along their migrant path are civilisations that have benefited from the sea turtles bounty for centuries, who now have the technology to collect far more animals than are necessary for their own survival.

As caretakers of our planet, each one of us who holds a vision of the world as being a safe place for all her inhabitants provides hope for the Loggerhead turtle and the numerous other species that now hold his status of 'endangered'. Through a shared conscious awareness the demand for turtle products will diminish and we will ensure this ancient mariner is around for eons to come. 

Kimberley Payard

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