It is not difficult to understand why most in the angel family are named after royalty and the Emperor and Majestic Angels are no exception. Their brilliant markings radiate even at depth and  being one of the larger tropical reef species, their splendour engages every eye that passes.

The Emperor and Majestic came to life under my brushes through contrast, first of colour, then  pattern, movement and finally gender. They could likely be a king and queen had that title not already been given to others and though they seldom meet in nature they seem a perfect pair.  

I don't think I shall ever tire of painting the angels, nor of trying to capture their essence on film, for their beauty is enchanting, drawing me more profoundly into the world. It is as if I look a little  bit closer they may reveal something special to me, a secret held deep within the arms of nature...

                                                                                                                         Kimberley Payard

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Quality Assurance... Using the latest digital technology and permanent archival inks, the watercolour paintings are meticulously reproduced on 100% fine art cotton rag watercolour paper, guaranteeing many years of enjoyment from your print without fading. Each limited edition print is numbered and signed by the artist and is accompanied by a registered certificate of authenticity and the story behind the paintings.


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