'Anemone Dreaming'

Always exciting to find, the anemone and its clownfish are a star attraction along the Great Barrier Reef. In pondering the thousands of anemones I have encountered in over 3 decades of diving, capturing the cheeky nature of the clownfish and the mesmerising motion of the anemone became the aspiration behind 'Anemone Dreaming'. Within my memories, rainbows of colour emanate from gently swaying tentacles, while sunlight dances upon the anemone and in moments of current, its vulnerable, satiny purple underside is revealed.

It was a pleasure painting 'Anemone Dreaming' for as the playful nature of the clownfish began to appear through my brushes, I could be taken back to my dreams of the incredible world that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Kimberley Payard

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