'Cod Face'

 Codface and I met on a late afternoon dive while I was deeply involved photographing a tiny green sea slug. I had the feeling something was watching me, but it was quite some time before I could pull my eye out of the view-finder to see what it was. As I turned to look over my shoulder, there was Codface, eyeing me as he hid amongst the staghorn coral.

I'm sure the sight of him made me smile at that moment, but what struck me was my sudden awareness of communion between species within nature, that even this funny looking fish had a thought process which in that moment was engaged in mine. On some level, we were connected by our interaction.

The actual outcome of the photographs I took of Codface were nothing special, for all I was able to capture through my macro lens was a portion of his face; his huge lips, that innocent eye and a pattern of blue polka dots covering his bright red face. I use my photo library as a resource and inspiration for my paintings and when I came across Codface, I knew he would be a brilliant subject. He will always be one of my personal favourites.

Kimberley Payard

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