A master of disguise, the octopus is known for its uncanny ability of camouflage and I am sure that for every one I have seen, there would have been a dozen that I didn't. 'Occy' was differentů he wanted to be seen. Sitting on a rock in the shade of a giant table coral, displaying a dazzling array of festive colour, it was all but impossible not to notice him.

My husband was at sea for a few weeks and I must have been missing him, for as I pondered what painting to do next, Occy popped into my mind. It may seem a strange relation, but those feverishly good looks, the confidence of his flirtation with possible danger and the fact that he didn't even quiver at the gaiety of my interaction with him, somehow reminded me of Al. Occy enticed me once again as he came to life through my brushes.

Kimberley Payard


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Quality Assurance... Using the latest digital technology and permanent archival inks, the watercolour paintings are meticulously reproduced on 100% fine art cotton rag watercolour paper, guaranteeing many years of enjoyment from your print without fading. Each limited edition print is numbered and signed by the artist and is accompanied by a registered certificate of authenticity and the story behind the painting.