'Turtle Cove'

It is mating season on the Great Barrier Reef and this giant Loggerhead Turtle has come over to see if I am a suitable partner. The male of the species has a fairly simple task; a one-night stand is all he is after, a mate to fulfil his role in the evolution of an oceanic species that is countless millions of years old. What stories could he tell? Does he know his species is close to being endangered?

Turtle Cove is a little piece of heaven where all is serene in the perfect order of nature, and I am sure the thought that his ideal world could disappear has never crossed his mind. Hopefully he will never have to face that possibility and while humanity is his biggest threat, it is also his only hope. For each one of us who holds the vision of how the world could be a wholesome place for all her inhabitants, the more likely this ancient mariner will be around for millions of years to come.

Kimberley Payard

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