Coral Cay

The Coral Cay is a true gem of the Great Barrier Reef that is surrounded by living corals. There are some 200 cays scattered along the length of the reef, formed over time by wave action washing the skeleton remains of corals and shells into a concentrated area on the reef flat. Some of these cays become vegetated by plants and seeds that float ashore or on the wings and droppings of sea birds. During early European settlement many ship wrecked sailors found temporary relief on the cays, by using sea bird eggs for food and burying themselves in the sand to escape the unforgiving sun. Today locals and tourists visit by boat or seaplane for a unique day enjoying the sunshine and swimming on the Great Barrier Reef.

Allan Payard

Photography by Allan Payard
Nikon and 20mm 1/250 @ F11
Polarizer filter Fuji Velvia film


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