Coral Sea Dreaming

When I dream of the Coral Sea, every memory seems enhanced, as if touched by something larger than is experienced elsewhere on the sea. The water is so clear it is luminous, vertical walls drop off to the abyss making you wonder if there really is an ocean floor and sea fans are so enormous, they dwarf anything that comes near.

The Coral Sea begins where the Great Barrier Reef finds its outer edge and stretches east until it blends with South Pacific Ocean. A journey to the isolated reefs and islets takes you across hundreds of miles of open ocean and the lack of accessibility means that tiny sand cays become pristine wildlife sanctuaries and down below, huge schools of pelagic fish seem to take up so little room as the crystal clear water provides a range of visibility that is untold underwater.

It is so easy to get lost in the dream of the Coral Sea, where even at depth the sun shines brightly upon the colourful corals, presenting a new version of the real world. Are my memories real or is it all a dream and does it really matter, when a single thought can take us there?

Kimberley Payard

Photography by Kimberley Payard
Nikonis 5, 15mm
1/60 @ F8
Fuji Velvia

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