What was more amazing to me than the size and colour of the school of Crescent-tail Glasseye was the way they moved so gracefully through the water, first this way, then that, as if they were engaged in some sort of fish-dance. Approaching them slowly, they seemed as curious as I, permitting my advance until the view-finder of my camera was filled edge to edge with their dark bodies. I was literally less than a half a meter in front of them when they finally began their drift around me, separating at first, then regrouping as they waltzed to the silent rhythm of the sea in a single thought pattern. I sashayed with them and as their big eyes watched my every move I revelled in their acceptance of me, the odd looking fish I was to them, as we danced the dance of nature as one.

Kimberley Payard

Photography by Kimberley Payard
Nikonis 5, 15mm
1/60 @ F8
Fuji Velvia

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