The World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is made up of thousands of reefs, islands and sand cays stretching over 2200 kilometres along the QLD coast. It represents one of nature's most abundant communities, supporting the tiniest life forms to the largest mammals on the planet and is home to countless species of fish and coral, like everyone's favourite clownfish, Nemo.

All who experience the Great Barrier Reef catch a glimpse of an amazing world within our world, one of timeless beauty that reveals the perfection of nature and inspires our own connection with all life. These images of the GBR are dedicated to the care and preservation of our oceans and to restoring the balance of nature on our planet.

Photography by Kimberley Payard
Nikon with 105 mm, 1/250 @ F22
Fuji Velvia film

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Quality Assurance: Using the latest state of the art photographic technology available, each photographic print is masterfully printed on Kodak Professional Metallic paper, guaranteeing you high quality performance with exceptional durability, colour intensity and archival longevity. The metallic feature of the paper combined with a super high gloss finish gives each photograph a distinctively reflective and pearlescent quality.