I find paradise early in the morning, walking on an endless stretch of beach in tropical north Queensland, peacefully taking in my thoughts one step at a time. The beach seems to have an aura with most of us that is captivating, from sun baking to swimming or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery, the beach is heaven on earth. I personally enjoy the crack of dawn, when the tranquillity has not yet been disturbed by the afternoon sea breezes and whether it be anchored off in a bay or on the beach, to see coconut palms on a sandy beach is soothing to the soul.

After taking advantage of the colour of the morning light with my cameras, Kim and I walked along the shore line and back before heading out to sea on our eternal quest of sharing our view of the Great Barrier Reef with you.

Allan Payard

Photography by Allan Payard
Nikon and 20mm 1/125 @ F11 Fuji Velvia

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