Sweet Lips

I came across this small school of Goldman's Sweetlip gathered near the surface at a cleaning station, where several tiny cleaner wrasse were busy removing unwanted parasites from their skin. Appearing like an oceanic health spa, the sweetlips seemed to enjoy basking in the ideal tropical conditions while being manicured and were completely undisturbed by my approach.

This image was taken with a wide-angle lens when I was literally inches away from this school of fish. Sometimes when I look through the lens I feel I get a privileged view of nature, an opportunity to see beyond what can be seen with the naked eye alone. This was one of those moments for as I peered through the lens at the sweetlips, I was greeted with the glistening light of the afternoon sun dancing upon their luminous bodies and a fabulous array of gorgeous yellow lips smiling back at me. What a treat!

Kimberley Payard

Photography by Kimberley Payard
Nikonis V 15mm lens
1/60 @ F11
Fuji Velvia

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